Tuition fees for Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy

Tuition fees for international students
Tuition fees are fees that are payable when a student begins to study at the University.

Tuition fees for Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy in English courses at Bulgarian Medical Universities 

General Medicine: 6 year programme, €4,000 per semester (approx. GBP 3,500 depending on the daily currency rate) 
Pharmacy: 5 year programme, €4,000 per semester (approx. GBP 3,500 depending on the daily currency rate) 
Dentistry: 6 year programme, €4,000 per semester (approx. GBP 3,500 depending on the daily currency rate) 
No student loans for EU citizens are available at the moment through the Bulgarian banks towards the tuition fees. The only bank still accepting applications is Postbank but the success rate is very low. 
Students should consider the fact that they may not be able to secure a loan when coming to study in Bulgaria. 

What are the tuition fees? 
Tuition fees are fees that are payable when a student begins to study at the University. They include r…

There is no such university!

Gallery Official opening of the University Information Center MU - Plovdiv
There is no such university!

Minister of Health Nikolay Petrov for the new simulation center of the Medical University, Plovdiv

The University Information Center is unique in the whole country. It will provide new information services to Bulgarian and foreign students and will help to adapt the newcomers more quickly.
There are three functional units in the building. The first will provide complete information on the steps of adapting newcomers. 

The second is for administrative services, where consultations and preparation of documents necessary for the Ministry of Interior, health insurance, banks and others will be carried out. The third specialized unit will serve and support underprivileged social students.

In the modern architectural complex there are the two already functioning centers - Informational Center and Center for Career Development, as well as the Education Department of the Rectorate. Here are also …

Study surgery and medicine in Bulgaria

Study surgery and medicine in Bulgaria

Medical University programs in Bulgaria

Public Health study in Bulgaria
Public Health study in Bulgaria leads to obtaining a Master’s degree and aims at the students’ acquiring multi-subject knowledge and skills, necessary for practice and research in the field of the prophylaxis of the diseases, health promotion and health care management.

Health Care Management study in Bulgaria 
Health Care Management study in Bulgaria satisfies the necessities for the management of the health care and social systems. The training is oriented towards the students’ acquiring two educational and qualification degrees – Bachelors and Masters. The training for the Bachelor’s degree is full-time, lasts four years (eight semesters) and finishes with a state exam. The Master program – after obtaining Bachelor’s degree in Health Care Management – lasts one year, while the Master’s program after studying another program lasts two years and ends with an examination or with a…

Study Surgery in Bulgaria

Application Form for guaranteed entry to the medical university
Study Surgery in Bulgaria Bulgarian medical universities - popular option for international students.
Guaranteed admission to universities of your choice and enlarging learning opportunities. The students can receive funding for the tuition fees through four financial institutions in Bulgaria. 
For your convenience we offer entries in our Medical Universities, without any exams. After graduation, your medical degree will be recognized anywhere you choose to go work.

Study Medicine AtoZ services include:  GUARANTEED ENTRY for applicants meeting the minimum admission criteria of the respective university, and guarantees full deposit refund in case a place at the chosen university is not secured.  Due to the close relation we have built with all Institutions in Bulgaria we are fully aware of all procedures and we guarantee that all applications will be dealt with accurately towards all requirements.  State-guaranteed funding fo…

Pharmacy education in Bulgaria

Pharmacy education in BulgariaStudy Pharmacy in English in Bulgaria at the best medical Universities

If you wish to study Pharmacy abroad but you do not know exactly where, Medicine AtoZ will tell you why Bulgaria might be an attractive destination for you to graduate in Pharmacy! In the following, we will share more details regarding Pharmacy in English at some of the best Bulgarian universities, their tuition fees, entry requirements as well as living expenses in Bulgaria. We truly believe you will find the information useful and will help you make the right decision if you decide to study Pharmacy in Bulgaria!

Pharmacy is one of the most prestigious specialties in any university and by having this degree you will be able to provide professional help to a lot of people. Once you study Pharmacy in Bulgaria, you will have the exceptional opportunity to have knowledge in various subjects such as Physiology, Biochemistry and advanced Neuropharmacology to Social Pharmacy concepts. The prac…

Study medicine in Medical University Sofia

Study medicine in Medical  University Sofia

 Medical University Sofia is the oldest medical  institution of higher education in Bulgaria. The  medical faculty was founded by the decree of His  Majesty King Ferdinand in 1917. Since its  foundation, more than 60 000 specialists, including  4,600 foreign citizens, have been taught there. 

 Medical University - Sofia is highly regarded and is  the undisputed leader in its field of education:  medicine, dental medicine, pharmacy, health care  and public health. 
 Medical University Sofia is ranked 1033 among more  than 80 000 medical universities in the World. 

Study Medicine, Dentistry or Pharmacy Programs in English
Medicine (M.D. programme) 
Dental Medicine (D.M.D. programme) 
Pharmacy (MS . programme) 

Tution fees for Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy at Sofia Medical University
Dental Medicine in English: 
Master’s degree 6 years 
Entry test in English, Biology and Chemistry 
€4,000 per semester (approx. GBP 3,500 depending on the daily currency rate…

Why study medicine in Bulgarian medical universities

Why study medicine in Bulgarian medical universities

Medical Education Provider
Medical Universities in Bulgaria (in English medium) are among the very few medical universities in Europe that offers a course in English. These Universities provide high quality of medical education, with high tech and modern facilities. Today, doctors from Bulgaria are well respected and appreciated all over the world. The Bulgarian medical universities attract thousands of international Medical school students every year especially from Germany, Sweden, Norway UK and Ireland. Most of the students are fascinated by medicine in Bulgaria because of the quality of the studies, European standard labs, and choosing the language of study in English.

The main attractions are:
Reasonable tuition fees
Low living cost
Having a recognized degree all over Europe and beyond,
Possibility of medical University transfer,
High qualified and experienced staff,
Student mobility,
Very advanced medical laboratories,
Safe and friendly…